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Address: Challenging behavior, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Anxiety & Depression, major life changes, & other disabilities & challenges
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Jacqueline King-Presant, M.Ed.

Jacqueline King-Presant, M.Ed.

Child Development Specialist

Bright New Day
Child Development Consultation Services
Eastern Long Island, NY

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Every challenge with a child is an invitation to transform

Whether you are a new parent wanting support to create the ideal environment (physical, emotional, and cognitive) for your child's growth or feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with your life as a parent like so many others; I am here to help you transform and grow into the AMAZING parent you always knew you were inside.

The problem for most parents (and anyone working with kids for that matter) is that there is A LOT of misinformation out there, and many practices that have become the unquestionable norm in our culture are now known through research to be ineffective, and often harmful long-term. However, this information has not been widely disseminated yet. This combined with a society which has evolved to provide little to no true supports for parents, has made extra support so welcome  and necessary for many of us who wish to do and BE the best for the children we love.

Through a customized and personally delivered program and services you can gain knowledge based on the latest scientific research, experience internal shifts, grow deeply, and totally transform your experience of what child-rearing can be;  all while truly connecting to any child in a deeply fulfilling way.

You can become the architect of a family life rooted in ​​​​​ ​connection, trust, respect, and PEACE.

Private Sessions
Private sessions are tailored to your needs and follow a step-by-step process of change.

They occur in your home (in the Long Island/NYC area) or by Skype/phone worldwide. I work with children, parents, and groups. To request a consultation session, please e-mail me (by clicking the orange button above, or by filling out the form below). Nanny/childcare provider training also offered.
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